Younger Users Are More Accepting Of TikTok Despite It Being A Huge National Security Threat, New Study Claims

There’s no surprise that the TikTok platform is viewed as a major security threat at a national level for the US.

The company has been scrutinized left and right by not only lawmakers but the American Congress too. Moreover, there’s a huge pressure looming on the firm in terms of it being potentially banned in the nation as well.

But a new survey is releasing some more interesting findings about the popular social media platform that continues to trend around the globe, including the US.

Researchers at the Pew Research Center claim that a whopping 59% of adults from the US feel the platform is a danger to the country. But when you look at things from the eyes and mindset of those belonging to the younger age group, you’ll be shocked to learn that they see things in a very different manner.

Meanwhile, just 9% felt that it was a huge threat while another 36% of those who don’t use the app felt the same way that the platform was a significant risk for US users. This is all after considering the speculations about spying and data transfer to servers that were made public in the past few months.

As an aggregate, 42% of users in the US saw its service as one that was risky while 65% of those that were surveyed from outside really were concerned.

And yes, age does play a huge determinant when it comes down to the difference in opinions. As far as those who were below the age of 30 were concerned, a 49% majority saw the app as any other threat found in the world. But only 13% saw it as a serious threat. But when the age group continues to increase, the figure dramatically increases for those viewing TikTok as a serious threat to the nation.

Hence, those in the 60s and beyond felt concerned and nervous while using the platform and a staggering 45% saw it as a major threat that needs to be avoided, better described as critical. Similarly, another factor worth a mention was politics.

Around 76% of those hailing from a conservative background spoke about their fair share of concerns while 49% of those hailing from a more liberal mindset shared a similar concern of that sort.

A staggering 64% of adults in the US were a little worried about the app’s practices linked to data control. And yes, those figures altered with age too. Meanwhile, 54% that were below 30 felt the same thoughts.

But you need to remember how these thoughts were solely taken from the state of Montana and that’s the same location that was the first American state to enforce a ban on the app owned by Chinese parent firm ByteDance.

As it is, the trending social media platform is barred on devices that are in the possession of American Federal authorities. The government fears that data transfer and top secret information being shared to Chinese officials is a huge risk and that’s why the ban was implemented on federal devices. And nobody wants to feed the egos of the Chinese who are stuck on making a living through propaganda, every step of the way.

For months, TikTok has denied all of the allegations that are coming in its direction. It has even made plenty of changes and provided all sorts of evidence too that shows how it is not sharing anything with Chinese government officials but skepticism is at peak for American lawmakers who know that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

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