WhatsApp Launches New Feature That Links Accounts To WhatsApp Web Through Phone Numbers

WhatsApp is launching a new update that allows users to link accounts to their WhatsApp Web via phone numbers. And it’s already up for grabs to several lucky beta testers, as spotted by WBI.

The new feature would get rid of the hassle of logging into WhatsApp Accounts through the classic route which happens to be scanning the QR code.

The new option would be up for grabs whenever a user wishes to link new devices and by this manner, users would connect through phone numbers that are attached to their main account.

All users would be required to do is simply open up the app on the web and then click on the option for linking with a phone number. Hence, they’ll be required to add their country and manually input the digits for the phone number too. After that, you’ll be getting a code that you need to add after receiving an alert that confirms if this is something you’d like to do.

We think this might be a very useful endeavor in certain circumstances when you can’t access your account on the web because your camera is not functioning properly and so the code couldn’t be scanned.

But with phone numbers being added to this, it just makes it so much simpler so that anyone and everyone could attain access when they feel they can’t get access.

For now, the feature is only stated to be compatible with the app on the web. Therefore, those hoping or wishing for linking accounts to another secondary device via phone numbers are not yet possible.

The beta testers need to install the app’s latest version to make the most of it through the Google Play Store. But the company says it does hope to carry out a complete launch to more users across the next few days and weeks so do stay tuned.

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