Twitter Makes More Annoying Anti-Spam Changes To DMs And Users Are Hating It

Twitter is not on everyone’s favorite apps list for sure and it appears the platform might not be getting popular any time soon after adding more annoying changes.

The company has spoken about how it is really struggling with controlling things like bots and spam. Therefore, you’ll now be seeing how hard it is to access DMs as it adds some more anti-spam rules.

Twitter has been having a hard time trying to make more people purchase its Blue subscriptions, despite putting out a list of enticing features that it felt would be good enough to have users crawling for more.

From the famous Edit Button to enhancing the limit of long tweets to up to the 25,000 mark- this list never sat down well with most Twitter fans. Moreover, there was a time when you saw the blue tick and thought, OMG, this is something major. Now, anyone and everyone can buy it, ridding the exclusivity status immediately for a mere $8.

Now, we’re seeing another controversial rollout to DMs that are designed to limit spam across the board. It was launched in the past week and definitely raised eyebrows.

And to help get out of their frustration, we saw more and more individuals mention how disappointed they were, thanks to these new rollouts. Coming down to the change itself, it has got to do with a policy that would stop non-Blue subscribers from reaching out to you, provided you never interacted with them in the past and if you aren’t a part of their follower list.

It’s as annoying and confusing as it sounds and the company tried to justify the behavior by adding how the goal is still related to limiting spam in users’ DMs. However, what it’s actually doing is stopping those who have zero interest in getting a Blue tick from messaging another user on the platform. So they’re essentially reducing connectivity and interactions while making people pay if they wish to get out of this web.

Moreover, the app says that those account holders that have open DMs are definitely getting affected by these amendments. So if you had enabled anyone to send you messages, you can’t do that anymore, thanks to this new policy that has already come into effect.

People are really surprised and when you enter the menu for messages and click on settings, you will see immediately how the default is set to getting messages from Blue subscribers only!

Those who aren’t Blue users will now see how hard it has become to simply reach out via plain text through DMs and there is just no way to connect anymore. Hence, if you don’t have any followers with verified subscriptions, you won’t be seeing their messages pop up across the tab designated as restricted.

This is just devastating to many who feel the app is doing everything in its power to make things complicated and with a rival like Threads by Meta available, the chances of people leaving Twitter and opting for better alternatives in the market are certainly higher than ever.

H/T: Gergely Orosz

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