Twitter Makes Another Controversial Change By Restricting The Number Of DMs Sent By Unverified Users

It appears like Twitter’s CTO Elon Musk is keen on making all users of the app pay for its Blue Subscriptions after the tech billionaire rolled out yet another controversial change on the platform.

Think along the lines of adding a daily limit to the figure for DMs that unverified users can send across the app. As if daily limits were not already plenty in number, this new change has so many people wondering what could be next because they’re not happy.

The change began rolling out yesterday when the company published the news through a tweet that spoke about the new limit for those who aren’t Blue Subscribers.

For now, the app has failed to specify what exactly it means by the term daily limit as it did not quote a figure yet. But what we do know by now is that the company is imposing the limit because it feels it needs to grab a hold of the figure of spam arising at an uncontrollable speed at this moment in time.

Whatever the case may be, we feel adding such restrictions on DMs seems to be an attempt to really put users in a position where they are more or less forced to pay a staggering $8 price tag each month. This would entail a series of features that are premium and they include the likes of blue ticks.

In the past week, we saw the world’s richest man who is coincidently Twitter’s owner mention how the firm is not doing too well in terms of revenue because of the fact that advertiser spending has gone down by a whopping figure.

But with that came more calls to boycott Twitter by users as they felt such restrictions on DMs were uncalled for and unjustified as it appears verified users who are paying can avail the benefit of sending out DMs without any limit attached. And that does matter if they’re real messages or simply spam.

On the other hand, you might just get shocked to learn that some people are giving the change a warm welcome as they are reportedly sick and tired of the large number of junk texts that race ahead on the app.

Whatever the case may be, Twitter is certainly going down in terms of popularity and if Musk wants it to be a new rival for other leading platforms such as Zoom and even WhatsApp in terms of chats and calls, then he really needs to replan his strategy.

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