Threads Sees 70% Decline In Active Users But Don’t Underestimate Twitter’s Biggest Rival Just Yet

A new report on Friday showcased how Meta’s Threads platform is not quite where many had expected it to be, especially considering its explosive and successful launch.

But if you plan on underestimating the great potential of Threads which happens to be Twitter’s biggest rival just yet, then we’ve got some news for you.

The news comes to us from WSJ that’s shedding light on how much and how fast the app is declining in terms of daily active users.

The data was taken from Sensor Tower and that delineated how quickly things were going from good to average in no time.

We saw figures go down to a shocking 13 million and that’s close to a 70% fall from the start of this month. In comparison to the app’s rival Twitter, its figures stand close to 200 million. Is this behavior worrying? The answer is yes but are we going to count the app out just yet, no way, claim experts.

This is just one of the many metrics used to enhance the user base in terms of global markets. And that would similarly boost usage along the way as well. Moreover, it’s very true when you see how the app’s features continue to improve.

Remember, as the old saying goes, whenever there is a new app in the market, its initial days comprise nothing more than sheer success. The figures for downloads go really high at the start and once things get old, it tends to decline so there is nothing much that Meta is worrying about at this stage.

Users seem to be on the lookout in terms of seeing how they can make use of the app when setting up accounts. This is where they find their pals and follow more individuals while testing out more features across the platform.

Meanwhile, Meta’s head already spoke about how nothing unusual is taking place at this point in time. It was all predicted and that’s the way it goes. Hence, if they’re not worried, we shouldn’t be too, right?

The platform is more or less incomplete and it’s got a long and challenging road to go. Yes, no success is guaranteed for any platform out there today. But in this case, it’s more likely to do great than the other way around. Did we mention how it’s yet to be launched across the EU?

After just a few days, the app got the lead with 100 million downloads and it broke all sorts of records in the world of social media.

Threads really did end up beating the likes of massively successful platforms like TikTok and Pokemon Go. And that too with a user base that was super tiny. Both Android as well as iOS really were buzzing.

Remember, so many apps were doing well in the industry and people were more than thrilled to witness figures such as these. But the Threads app does have plenty of backing from Meta’s Instagram platform whose already massively successful too.

Today, the figure stands close to 185 million installs of Threads around the globe and another point we need to add is how it’s getting big in the mobile market. The latter is where plenty of growth is getting witnessed.

As far as countries where the most growth of Thraeds is being appreciated, there are no surprises here. It’s the US, Brazil, and India. In fact, the last two are doing better in terms of active users than the US as they account for a larger chunk of installations.

So what might be stopping users from making use of the app now? Well, it’s got a long list of missing features like no way to edit or delete a thread or even an account. But that’s changing soon.

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