The Best Time to Sell Your iPhone for an Upgrade

Apple is the most influential and prominent tech company on the earth. With its pioneering technological ideas and revolutionizing products, Apple is the trendsetter in the technology space. The most significant innovation that the visionary co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, came up with was the release of the iPhone, dating all the way back to 2007 and still going strong.

There’s no doubt that the iPhone is unique in its functionality as a smartphone, but even more impressive is that Apple is always aware of the changing trends and the requirements of the public they want to see in any smartphone. Therefore Apple releases upgraded and improved versions of the iPhone each year, which makes it almost irresistible for buyers to purchase.

Since the latest version of the iPhone is yet to be released, although the date is unknown, rumors say it will launch somewhere in September 2024. The question that arises now since everyone wants to have the latest updated piece of technology, especially when you’re already an iPhone user, is what is the right way to sell their old iPhone so you can save money to buy the latest version.

To settle your query, SellCell did an analysis on the subject of trade-in-data. For the analytical comparison, the data of the buyback vendors were used for the past 2 years to predict the most suitable time to sell your current or older iPhone variants.

According to the data collected and analyzed, the best time to cash in your older iPhone is 28 days before the iPhone 15 market release. However, since no one knows an accurate date for the release, SellCell suggests that one must put their iPhones on sale between August 19th to 26th.

The seller must consider that 4 weeks before the release of the new iPhone, the expected value of your old iPhone can easily hit a down loss of approximately $261. To clarify such a situation, here is an example, back in 2021, from August 26th until September 23rd, the value of iPhone 12 Pro MAax 512 GB went down from $985 to $796. Furthermore, from August 19th to September 16th, the iPhone Pro Max 1TB decreased from $1,106 to $885, making a considerable loss of $221.

However, a condition must be followed to save yourself from a considerable loss, as it is precisely for iPhone 8 and iPhone X users. Rather than wait to sell your phone later, sell it now because iOS 17 will also be released with the latest iPhone, and then the old models will no longer support the update.

We hope you find this article helpful and consider our suggestion to save the maximum cash before buying the latest iPhone version. For more updates, check out our blog website, and meanwhile, happy buying.

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