Summarize' the Enchantment: Google Assistant's Web Chronicles!

People, pay attention! The fascinating realm of generative AI is poised to weave its spell once more, this time on your very own Google Assistant. Hold on tight, for you'll soon be able to summon the might of 'Summarize' and rule the wide oceans of the internet!

The Chronicles of Narnia are famous for their epic stories and wonderful travels. Similarly, Google has been on a fantasy quest this year, releasing a plethora of AI-powered goods. They've been inventing surprises that make you exclaim, "Aslan's mane, that's cool!" from the talkative Bard bot to the informative NotebookLM.

However, Google is now putting the power of summarization at our fingertips. 9to5G discovered this delightful 'Summarize' function in the current Google Assistant's app beta, much as Lucy did with the enchanted wardrobe. It's like discovering a hidden doorway to a universe of bite-sized summaries!

Consider this scenario: you're browsing the broad internet using Chrome or an app with Custom Tab support (powered by Chrome, of course), and you suddenly feel the desire to summon your favorite Google Assistant. Your Assistant will be at your service with a flick of your wrist or a magical word like "Summarize this," ready to provide a fast summary of the online information in front of you!

But, dear researchers, beware! As of now, the functionality is still in development, and the Assistant may fool you by displaying an error instead of a summary. Don't worry, the Google wizards will undoubtedly make things right!

My friends, there's a mystery on the loose! Will this enchanted 'Summarize' be a Pixel-only treasure? We all know Google likes to keep its dazzling tricks to itself and its Pixel kingdom. But who knows, maybe they'll unlock the treasure trove so that all Android devices may enjoy it!

This 'Summarize' spell would be one of Google Assistant's first of its sort. Until previously, AI abilities were restricted to distinct programs, much like mystical treasures concealed in secret rooms. Even Bard's and Search Generative Experience's mystical chatbot attempts have kept a low profile, avoiding the Assistant limelight.

So, prepare for this fantastic adventure into the world of web summary, dear explorers! The wonderful world of generative AI awaits you, and with 'Summarize' at your disposal, you'll be able to explore the Chronicles of the Web with ease and knowledge! As they say in Narnia, "Once a king or queen, always a king or queen." And once you've used 'Summarize,' you're always a well-informed explorer! Happy surfing, my fellow Narnian internet users!

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