Hackers Are Using Special AI To Produce Malicious Software And Deceptive Phishing Emails

A new alert by one of Canada’s leading cybersecurity professionals is shedding light on the use of special AI to spread mischief online.

Think along the lines of hackers using AI technology to design software that is malicious and can produce phishing emails along the way. Furthermore, we’re seeing the massive wave of disinformation being spread online through such means, he explained.

The report by Reuters is really making one realize that the tech sector is being attacked by cybercriminals who have found an easy way out to achieve their tasks by abusing AI for gains.

One interview that was launched this past week had the lead for Canada’s Cyber Security Center mention how his agency alone saw AI getting abused in various activities like the making of phishing scams in emails and adding malicious codes to various endeavors.

While there is yet to be any form of proof of examples provided, the assertion coming this way shows how cybercriminals are really causing massive concern with this use through actors.

In the past few months, we saw a number of cyber watchdogs explain through reports that there was a hypothetical risk for AI through LLMs that took on massive amounts of text to devise documents and other concerning paperwork.

Then in March of this year, a police firm in the European region released shocking documentation that proved how ChatGPT was enabling fraudsters to carry out impersonation in a real manner, despite being poor in English.

At the same time, another cybersecurity body in the UK announced how it was seeing a surge in crimes related to large language models who assisted in carrying out cyber attacks that were beyond what many felt they were capable of doing.

So many researchers are also raising the alarm about how they’re seeing a rise in such crimes and most of them are produced using AI technology. It’s sad to see language models getting trained on malware and it is ordered to draft out material that can easily trick another into doing things like lending money,

Things like requests for assistance to better solve the matter were talked about and how a proper solution needs to come into play before it’s too late.

For now, AI technology being used for purposes such as code drafting is in the initial stage but that does not mean such criminal activities are not picking up the pace as we speak, and that’s concerning for obvious reasons.

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