FTC Proposes Stricter Penalties For Shady Business Tactics Amid Rise In AI Chatbots And Fake Reviews

The FTC says it's on a mission to propose stricter penalties and harsher punishments for any form of illegal business strategies taking place today.

The leading regulator that’s based in the US says it’s trying hard to crack down on businesses making use of shady behavior to try and sell their goods and services. This includes other means that firms use to exploit their target customers, just to attain some favorable reviews and ratings on goods.

This new rule is designed to assist the regulator in going against those who also purchase positive reviews or end up suppressing any form of negativity.

This rule would go on to trigger all types of penalties for the perpetrators and therefore reduce the unfairness taking place. After all, there should be a leveled playing field for all so that whoever is at the top of the game in terms of talent should succeed.

Such rules would prevent firms from also reworking reviews of clients for a certain product when compared to another. After all, it’s not fair and it would similarly ban workers from putting out positive reviews for the firm that they’re currently employed in without any signal of a disclosure taking place.

New proposals like these would mean the FTC is really keeping a strict eye on what’s taking place around the globe and it feels that it’s about time this happened because the increase in spam and AI chatbots is just too much now.

It’s making it so much tougher for others to enter the market and put out fake reviews and so that’s why it feels this is the right time to step in. Moreover, such restrictions would stop a firm from gaining complete control over a webpage and giving out independent opinions related to specific topics like a particular product that entails their own good or services.

As it is, the regulator claims that publishing false reviews or purchasing things that have positive ratings is very illegal. Hence, crackdowns continue to take place in this regard on a usual basis so that offenders can be taught a lesson and make them aware of what they’re doing is not only unfair but very deceptive too.

But the American Supreme Court is making it tougher for the FTC to give back to clients who have been victims of such unfair business. And that is why the regulator is more keen than ever to put out clearer rules and stricter penalties so that false reviews are banned.

Illustration: FP

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