Even though many marketers are using AI as a staple in their work, many are still distrustful and have raised concerns

AI has been on the rise lately and with the creation of Language models like ChatGPT, work has been made much easier, not just for writers but also for other professions that need words on a daily basis. Marketers are a prime example. They need to create compelling paragraphs and advertisements that capture the consumer's interest. However, this task can be grueling if one is out of creative ideas. Generative language models solve this problem by writing them for marketers.

According to a new study by Salesforce and YouGov, digital marketers say that AI is a revolutionary piece of technology that helps them save 5 hours of work per week. If we put into an eight hour workday, adds up to more than a month.

The companies also did a Generative AI Snapshot series in May, where they surveyed more than 1,000 people who work full time jobs as marketers from the United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia. They found out that many marketers are confidant with the ability of the tech and a large number already use it while they work.

While many people see Generative AI as something that can completely change the way they work, some have raised objections that range from the quality and accuracy of the work that these tools produce to the absence of expertise that one requires to operate them.

They had surveyed 1,029 Marketers, 51% of whom said that they are already using AI or are experimenting with the Generative AI while working. 22% said that they are thinking of bringing the tool into usage very soon. Most of them were in the agreement that the general benefit of these tools is, that they help them to eliminate the chore part of the work that they do. They said that with these parts eliminated, they would have more time on their hands to spend on creating strategies to help them boost sales and present campaigns.

From the people who are already using generative AI in their work, the main reason is usage is creating the basic content like the script for an advertisement, and writing the marketing copy. 76% of those people handle these types of work with Large Language Models like ChatGPT. However, there are other uses which include, Inspiring Creative thinking (71%) and to analyze market data (63%).

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