Elon Musk Praises China’s Advances In The AI Sector While Expressing Desire For A Robot Powered Future

Elon Musk has nothing but praise for China after the tech billionaire was seen paying the nation a visit to attend a top conference on Thursday.

The Twitter chief spoke about how keen he was to see a future that was powered by robots but at the same time, he did mention how the AI sector needs more regulatory control. And that has to do with the fact that developments are taking place at a swift pace.

Speaking at the conference, the Tesla CEO says that he’s proud of China’s efforts in the AI domain and how well the country is making use of the technology in this field. But in the past, he did remain skeptical of the nation adopting it too fast but now, his opinions on the subject have certainly changed.

He also made several promises linked to sharing his Tesla firm’s own discoveries with other competitors in the industry so they can equally benefit.

The conference spanned a two-day period and it was centered on the ideology that China was doing everything right in terms of taking on the world of AI and also making sure there were plenty of regulatory overseeing in place by agencies that would ensure things never seem to get out of control.

It’s just another example of how Musk is a strong advocate of the world’s number two economy and superpower. Moreover, we’re all quite aware of how Musk likes to support those that he feels are doing a great job in the field. And right now, he’s all praise for China.

Just last month, the billionaire entrepreneur visited the country and was able to tour a facility in the country’s capital city. And for those that might not be aware, the latter is where you’ll find the majority of Tesla’s production taking place.

Elon Musk says that the concept of self-driving is one that must be adopted sooner than later. He feels the world is moving toward a brighter future that’s more dependent on robots than humans and what could be better than that, he added.

The world is now moving toward a place where robots would supersede humans in both figures and intelligence. Meanwhile, Musk also shed light on how he felt about China being a top player in the world of AI. The latter happens to be a field that would soon be playing a key role in maintaining both economic balance and more.

In the end, Elon Musk adds that he really does have so much respect for the Chinese and their mental capabilities and strives to perform their best in all tasks. And that’s something you don’t find often in today’s day and age.

He further reiterated how it’s great to see their determination to do so well in one domain and manage to achieve just that with due focus. And the same seems to be true for the AI sector.

Photographer: Nathan Laine/Bloomberg.

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