Elon Musk Launches New AI Company Called xAI Whose Goal Is To Understand The Universe

Elon Musk never ceases to amaze the world as the tech billionaire has now launched his own firm called xAI.

The new endeavor has one goal in mind and that’s related to understanding the universe.

The world’s richest person was quick to mention the good news through his account on the Twitter platform. And that's where he says the company may soon fulfill his vision of being the true rival for ChatGPT.

But it’s just too soon to speculate what this new corporation is all about, as some fear that it’s an entity that quite a few people would have some difficulty in understanding.

As per the website, the company is clearly separate from Elon Musk’s X Corp and hence will be working independently from that. However, it does wish to link with the billionaire’s other firms which entail Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX, and so many others. So from what we can see, it hopes to gain up on its mission by doing just that.

The company’s workforce is believed to entail some leading names from the world of AI that have experience working at firms such as DeepMind, and Microsoft’s Research Team. Google’s Research, and others.

They’re all experts in the field of optimization and discovery as well as innovation where they know the GPT models in and out.

But the question is how the world is looking at this new endeavor from Musk and what are their thoughts related to the subject. We thought it would be rather interesting to sit down and take a glance at what trending tweets are being produced linked to xAI.

So far, some of Elon Musk’s major supporters started to put out some enthusiasm related to how it was a long time coming. They wanted Musk to venture into AI, considering how he’s got great interest and experience in the field.

You can even find a disclaimer located at the bottom of the website that’s related to standard copyright protocols with the xAI Corp.

Now the question is that what is the future of the billionaire’s new firm related to the world of AI. Also, would it end up creating something that’s more important than another ChatGPT variant? Now, the responses for these two queries are not confirmed and only time would be able to better tell the future.

The company did entail links for recruitment forms where engineers are being invited, alongside experienced researchers that wish to join the firm’s goals of comprehending the universe.

All those that are interested and wish to work here can always apply via social media apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Scholar too as they add more input related to their expertise.

The company also plans on looking forward to its upcoming session this Friday for Twitter Spaces. Hence, people interested can take out time to meet the new employees and even generate questions that they have related to its unique and diverse goal of exploring the world.

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