ChatGPT In The Spotlight: Where The Popular Yet Controversial App Stands Today May Surprise You

OpenAI’s breakthrough app ChatGPT definitely deserves the award for being the most standout tech platform in 2023. It’s definitely controversial but it did turn out to be awfully popular.

All over the internet, everyone was talking about it and we even had Twitter feeds and other online media platforms being impacted by a single platform. In such a short period, the name was on everyone’s minds and we also saw the uprising of so many startup firms come through, thanks to it.

But a serious lacking had to be linked to the fact that it failed to entail any form of mobile application at the start and that led other rivals to enter the market and make use of APIs for this purpose.

Soon, we witnessed OpenAI finally doing what it should have done a while back. And that includes launching its mobile app. But while many had plenty of high hopes attached to just that, it certainly fell short of the mega success many predicted.

The real ChatGPT platform ended up getting launched to a wider audience and that included so many installations. With time, nearly two months later, we saw downloads did not rise as much and actually went on to take the opposite route.

After striking the peak for a launch in May of this year, new stats are putting out a unique picture worth a mention. We’re talking about a fall in downloads by 58%. And as per estimated figures, the stats proved how the app struck a high with 387,000 downloads each day by May, and now, that’s just 162,000. How’s that for a massive fall in just a month or two?

Many experts felt the trend was designed to move in the opposite direction but that did not happen. And while ChatGPT is a wonderful type of technology, using it daily can be difficult. Additionally, there’s yet to be a version for Android in the market, so that means less growth overall.

We are seeing some positive changes take place finally with OpenAI bringing the app to Android by next week after so many months of waiting. However, it might be a little too late, many feel.

As far as revenue is concerned, things are certainly quite different on this front. It’s important to analyze where the figures for growth and revenue stand, thanks to stats from App Intelligence.

As per estimates, the app witnessed revenue worth $728,000 in May of 2023, moments after the launch arose. This is net and that means what the firm gets to keep after giving a commission share to Apple.

Coming down to the grand total, it increased to $1.5 million last month and that’s a whopping double figure. But again, this was the first month it worked full so that does fit right into place.

The month is yet to be over but by the way things are going right now, we predict the platform would witness net revenue increase to $1.8 million on Apple’s App Store soon.

When you come to think of it, 20% is definitely not a whole lot when you see the explosive start that the app came with but it did manage to overcome the download fall it saw which is great.

To help give you a clearer image of how it stands against other apps in the market, another third-party platform called Ask AI witnessed figures for net revenue worth $3.6 million take center stage last month at the App Store. The latter is also up for grabs for Android users so the Play Store’s revenue must be considered too which stood at a net revenue figure of $1.1 million.

ChatGPT Downloads Dropped 27% in the Last Month - Where's Revenue?

H/T: Appfigures
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