Bing Image Creator Gets New Backend Improvements That Reduce Production Time By 30%

This past week, we didn’t see any new updates from the development team at Bing Chat. But that does not mean the company wasn’t up to great things.

Thanks to the Fourth of July holiday, things were certainly slow and steady. However, you’ll be amazed to realize that work continued as per usual basis and there is something worth raving for.

Bing claims that the time required to produce images has now declined drastically, thanks to some great improvements made on the backend. We’re talking 30% less time to create a picture than what it took before.

The exciting and very useful news was posted today by Head of Engineering and Product for Bing through their Twitter account. And it’s a great move because users couldn’t have asked for anything better than such a surprise.

Another question that was on user’s minds this past weekend is when they would be provided with support on third-party plug-ins. And the company confirmed that a little more patience is needed but we should be seeing that rolling in a few weeks time. It also mentioned how it was working hard on the many issues being spoken about but nevertheless, it was as confident as ever.

Bing is also carrying out trials for image recognition. This had been tested by a few individuals at the Bing Chat firm and it’s confirmed that this rollout would be up for grabs to the masses very soon. The slight delay right now might be linked to an array of bugs coming forward but by next week, they’re hopeful for the launch.

Last but not least, Bing Chat users were curious about what Microsoft felt about a feature that allows the user to simply chat with it. And that means no queries whatsoever are being asked. And to many people’s surprise, chat with no support for the search was also up for grabs very soon so that’s another great feature worth waiting for.

The latter is definitely something very unique and one that we feel would be a welcoming addition for obvious means. Moreover, it would be causing some very intriguing interactions for Bing Chat that we’ve not seen before. After all, AI technology for purposes other than assistance with work is rare in today’s time. But the company says it’s very hopeful.

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