American’s Craze for Amazon: 2023 Data Survey

E-commerce has transcended the way people shop and buy stuff, and the biggest giant in the world of E-commerce that has been a dominating force in providing the best online shopping experience is Amazon. The most prominent users of the Amazon shopping platform are the residents of the United States. To deeply understand Americans' obsession with Amazon, 3200 online shoppers were surveyed on a scale of 1 to 10. In addition, the participants were also asked how much money they spent monthly and last year on grand sales like Amazon prime day.

This survey was conducted by UpgradedPoints with 3200 participants across 44 different states, from 2 May 2023 to 6th May 2023.

Around $91.75 are spent monthly on Amazon shopping by an average American, Prime members spend $110 on the website, whereas non-prime members spend around $38. Tennessee is the American state where members spend the most on Amazon, at $124.22 monthly. 25% of the American population shop once a week on Amazon, and 51% only purchase prime products while shopping. $117 is spent by Americans on Prime days that are Prime members, and the Gen X population spends the most, respectively, $124 and $148.The yearly amount spent on Amazon by Americans is approximately $1,101 up to $63,000 throughout their life.

The monthly expenditure on Amazon for the people of Delaware is $114, for Wisconsin is $113.66, and for Iowa, it is $113.46, as these states are also ranked highest in their money spent on the platform on Amazon.

Whereas the states that spend the least on Amazon per month are Indiana ($72.87), Minnesota ($68.86), and West Virginia ($56.10).

33% of Americans believe that the amount of dollars spent on Amazon this year is more than what is currently in the savings account. The most bizarre finding of the survey is that 34% of the woman would instead give up having sex than give up buying stuff on Amazon for a year.

The state that has the highest number of passionate users for Amazon, with 36.5% in the favor response, is Alabama, as their obsession ranked between 7 to 10. In second place came North Carolina, with 34.7% in favor and a similar ranking on the scale for obsession. Michigan and Tenessee's response rate in favor was 34%, while Kansas and New Hampshire's addiction to Amazon shopping had a 31.4% response, and the rating on the scale for likability was between 7 to 10.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, the states with the most petite obsession or addiction to Amazon shopping were Florida, with an 18.8% response rating; Oregon, with a response rate of 12.2%; and Washington, with the least rating of 11.8%. Although Florida has a low response, 18.8% response had an addiction on a scale of 7 to 10.

Regarding which generation is the most fan of Amazon, nothing beats Generation X as they shop on Amazon once a week.

The American public spent the most on products related to electronics and tech, 54.5%. The second place goes to clothing and accessories, 48.1%. Personal care/ toiletries add up to 41.5%, and kitchen and household essentials sum up to 40.5%.

To conclude, Americans are indeed obsessed with Amazon, but their obsession is for the right reasons. Although a very high percentage of money is spent on the website for shopping, most people buy everyday essentials or things that are an utter requirement for their lifestyles. Also, many people get discounts from the website, and their shopping is delivered to their doorsteps, and that is why one can never go wrong with Amazon.

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