A Closer Look At The World’s Top Desktop Browsers And How Their Market Shares Are Changing

The latest report from Stacounter is out and it’s shedding light on the world’s leading desktop browsers.

From their overall performance to how their market shares continue to fluctuate with time, there’s a lot to talk about here. And as per the latest findings, June was not a very successful month for Google as its Chrome browser witnessed a huge loss in users. Meanwhile, we saw Microsoft Edge remain unchanged for the most part but it was Apple’s Safari that carried on with its climb toward an attempt to reach the top.

As we speak, Google Chrome is really reigning supreme as the world’s top browser and it’s a trend that’s been mostly unchanged. Today, it carries a whopping 61% of the market share but in the past month, we saw it undergo a downfall of 4.7 points and that’s a striking change in the market of today.

As we’re all well aware, the market keeps on fluctuating but the changes aren’t usually too major with most comprising of a point or two. But when we do see a big change, the share goes to other rivals competing for that top position and even Google Chrome saw itself being the only one to be highlighted as the color red in June.

Apple’s Safari has the complete opposite picture when you compare it with Google Chrome. It seems to continue on with its path to growth as it overtook the Edge browser of Microsoft in March of this year. Today, it stands in a great position with a figure of 14.5%.

And in the third position, it’s Microsoft’s Edge browser which is deemed to be the world’s third-leading browser. It’s working hard to come back and is now at a 10.8% market share. Meanwhile, there are no surprises for the fourth and fifth positions. Its Mozilla Firefox stood fourth with a market share of 6% while Opera came in last with a 5.4% market share.

But when you change your perspective and start looking at endeavors taking place in the mobile market, things are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Today, Chrome is trying hard to build back its momentum and gain market share. On the other hand, leading browsers keep on losing more target users. And it’s also very sad to note that Microsoft Edge is not found anywhere too.

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