Twitter’s New Feature: Verified Users Gain Control over Group Membership and Direct Messages

In an attempt to enhance user privacy and combat online harassment, Twitter is testing a forthcoming feature that will restrict certain actions to verified users only. Verified users, typically public figures, celebrities, and notable creators, will gain the ability to add non-followers to groups, create groups with users who don’t follow them, and send Direct Message (DM) requests to individuals who aren’t their followers. These upcoming updates were highlighted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, in his latest tweets.

Twitter’s new feature will empower verified users to add people who don’t follow them to a group. This update aims to foster better communication and collaboration between verified users and their followers, even if those followers don’t necessarily follow each other. By allowing verified users to include non-followers in groups, Twitter is promoting inclusivity and enabling users to engage in meaningful discussions beyond their existing circles.

Verified users will also gain the ability to create groups comprising users who don’t follow them. This change opens up possibilities for like-minded individuals to come together, exchange ideas, and participate in focused conversations. Previously, group creation was restricted to followers only, potentially limiting the reach and diversity of discussions. With this new update, verified users can connect with a broader audience and create more dynamic and engaging group experiences.

Another important aspect of Twitter’s upcoming feature is the ability for verified users to send DM requests to individuals who don’t follow them. This change represents a significant step towards enabling meaningful conversations between verified users and their wider community, including fans, collaborators, or potential business opportunities. By allowing verified users to initiate DMs with non-followers, Twitter aims to facilitate direct communication without sacrificing user privacy.

While this feature may raise concerns about potential misuse, Twitter emphasizes that it has implemented strict safeguards to prevent abuse. By limiting these actions to verified users, Twitter aims to enhance user privacy and mitigate the risk of unsolicited messages or harassment. Verified users are subject to a thorough verification process, ensuring a level of trust and accountability.

Twitter’s decision to grant verified users the ability to add non-followers to groups, create groups with non-followers, and send DM requests to non-followers is a significant step towards fostering inclusive and meaningful conversations on the platform. By empowering verified users with these features, Twitter aims to promote collaboration, expand networks, and create safer spaces for interactions. While the new feature is intended to enhance user experiences, Twitter will continue to monitor and address any concerns that may arise to maintain a healthy social media ecosystem.

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