TikTok Jumps Into The AI Race With Work On A New Chatbot Named Grace

So many leading tech giants have gone about including AI technology in various different products and sectors. And now, we’re hearing about TikTok finally joining the bandwagon too.

It was certainly a long time coming but as the old saying goes, better late than never. ByteDance wishes to enter the AI race as new reports suggest it’s currently working on a chatbot that’s been dubbed Grace.

There are plenty of social media apps that continue to pop up with the same endeavor and TikTok certainly seemed to be lagging behind, considering how popular of a social media platform it has become for the youth and beyond.

The new offering is being described as an arch-rival for OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. The former has already experienced its fair share of massive growth while the latter continues to wow the masses after being unveiled to the public without a waiting list, not to mention the long list of capabilities it entails.

Additionally, we’re hearing more news on how a new particular AI chatbot with nearly 30 personalities is arriving on Meta’s top Instagram app. Furthermore, the latest update is about Microsoft adding a new ‘Co-pilot’ functionality to its Office, Edge browser, and Bing Search as well.

So as you can tell, there’s a lot going on and now that Grace is being worked upon by ByteDance, it’s clear that users are going to have plenty of choices to avail. This certain chatbot is going to be powered by so many language models as well.

For now, the firm’s spokesperson and a worker who has already tested this particular feature were told to stay anonymous since the whole deal is very internal and one that has been worked upon for quite some time now. In the same way, news of this new assistant that’s powered by AI technology appears to be the first sign that TikTok’s parent firm is wanting to add AI technology to the app.

Reports of ByteDance creating its own huge language model did end up arriving on Chinese media outlets but the organization is yet to confirm or deny the news. But wait, the news does not stop there.

Other reports have to do with TikTok creating a new chatbot named Tako but that would be more like an instant messenger, more than anything else. It is believed that users would be granted the chance to ask queries and receive quick responses along the way.

Remember, it is all very interesting because you’ve got plenty of AI technologies like the breakthrough ChatGPT tool being banned in China so this seems to be like an investment that was a long time coming.

But that does not mean China never served competition to ChatGPT. The country’s Baidu firm did unveil a new chatbot powered by AI that was dubbed Ernie Bot. And while it’s not perfect, it’s the first rival of its kind to tackle the competition of ChatGPT.

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