TikTok Challenges Top eCommerce Brands Shein And Amazon With The Launch Of New In-App Shopping Feature

When it comes to the world of e-commerce, the first thing that enters so many people’s minds is two famous brands- Shein and Amazon.

Both companies are getting rave reviews in terms of their quality products and excellent client service. But now, we’re hearing how their business could soon be threatened by leading social media app TikTok.

Yes, the company that’s owned by ByteDance says it’s launching a new feature on the app only that’s dubbed Trendy Beat. This happens to be a section for shopping where it puts out products that are for sale and end up getting sold and transported by another parent-subsidiary organization.

This new endeavor was first outlined across the media in the Financial Times and now, we’re hearing more about that undergoing trials in the United Kingdom. Moreover, such shopping sections put out the most popular items that pop up across trending videos like tools designed to get rid of ear wax.

Speaking to media outlet TechCrunch, the new and upcoming project was more detailed and that’s when people were shocked that it won’t be undergoing any type of experiments in places like the US. But they do hope to add merchants to the Shop that enables brands to sell more things on such apps.

This new project by TikTok clearly sounds promising and just because it might not undergo a beta in the US right now does not mean it would do so very soon. We saw plenty of trademark apps across America get filed in the previous month of May for this project. So probably an expansion is on the cards after all.

It was listed as one that offers all sorts of products like wardrobes of various kinds and styles, bathing goods, scarves, formal attire, masks, and a lot more.

The company says they’re setting out more reports to begin sales of new products across the app for videos and that’s dubbed Project S. Moreover, this would leverage new knowledge of goods getting popular on the platform. And this would enable ByteDance to produce such types of goods and services. For now, we know TikTok’s parent firm makes use of so many kinds of suppliers to get such items out in the open.
Such features would allow the platform to enhance competition in the industry where market leaders such as Shein and Amazon are already dominating. Moreover, you can see this as a shift that’s represented throughout the marketplace.

As it is, TikTok Shop enables the firm to give other brands the chance to sell goods through the platform in a direct manner. But when such features are involved, the app would sell its own goods. Such models claim to witness TikTok operating on such apps that are similar to how Amazon Basics functions and how other top ones like Shein market and increase the sales of their top sellers.

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