‘There’s No Chance Of Human Extinction Due To AI Advancements’, Top AI Researcher Expresses Frustration

A leading name in the world of AI research is shedding light upon his growing frustrations linked to false fears of AI advancements.

Kyunghyun Cho who has plenty of research under his name linked to AI and is also working as a top professor at NYU says the growing speculations of dangers linked to AI are not true. He finds it bizarre how people feel human extinction is near because of all the great amenities that Generative AI brings with it.

It’s all actually quite interesting because we’re talking about so many big names including the pioneers of AI stating in the past few days how AI is a growing and alarming threat to the human race and if moderation is not exercised, it can prove to have deleterious consequences.

But Cho says such words are really distracting from the main focus and benefits of AI, no matter what it could be.

He even sat down for a recent interview where he mentioned more about his work and how he assisted in the great architecture linked to ChatGPT while speaking of major disappointments related to those chats that keep on talking about AI’s risks. He felt it was time to speak about how AI can boost the economy and revolutionize the world's positivity as there was a clear lack of discussion on this subject.

He was very clear about how he does respect all researchers but warned against assuming all posts linked to top names were 100% accurate. In the same way, Cho was questioned about his thoughts linked to the many petitions that have been arising and was getting signatures from hero scientists.

Those petitions were calling for a pause in AI training and for greater regulation. He even shed light on the recent Senate hearings that went as far as claiming that AI was in the league of dangers where climate change and nuclear weapons were put in the same category.

Why was there no focus on the immediate benefits of AI and how we can mediate the harms and transform them into positive findings?- he wondered while expressing his discontentment.

He failed to see why such top names were simply offering their signatures on such petitions and taking them so lightly. Remember, having your name across something means you stand by the claims listed.

So as you can see, it’s a very interesting debate and one that definitely requires more attention.

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