Snapchat+ Celebrates Huge Milestone As Its Paid Subscriber Count Reaches 4 Million

Celebrations are going strong for the leading social media platform Snapchat which was recently seen celebrating a major milestone for its paid subscription.

Snaptchat+ has reached a mighty target of over four million subscribers and yes, people are loving the paid service, ever since it launched.

Despite the fact that the service is fairly new, just one year to be exact, it’s adored full throttle by users that can’t seem to get enough. Moreover, the company was also seen speaking about how it was going to launch more exciting features soon which would be accessible to them sometime soon.

The first one is dubbed Expressive Chat Messages. This happens to be designed to enable users to send texts in font sizes that are huge. Meanwhile, the second one has to do with another feature dubbed Custom Chat Colors. The latter is very self-explanatory and as the name suggests, you can pick out a certain hue for contacts’ names on chats.

Right now, there’s a default setting on the app where a person’s name is in red for chats. But soon, users can alter that to any hue that they adore.

This new milestone arises at a time when the firm showcased in April of this year how the service was getting rave reviews and attention and users has gone up to three million.

It’s a mighty increase and one that the company should be proud of. After all, with the current inflation rates and economic downturns seen taking place around the globe, the fact that people are paying to use the app is a big thing.

Experts claim there is steady growth and that’s definitely something to be proud of. However, such a figure represents a tiny chunk of the platform’s daily user count which is nearly 375 million.

Ever since it was launched last year, we saw the paid service put out an array of notable features. One of them worth a mention is the feature called My AI which is the company’s own chatbot. At the start, it was just for those paying for the subscription but with time, the app made it free for all.

If you still haven’t managed to grab your hands on this endeavor, we don’t see why. It’s priced at $4 a month and provides users with great access to several features that are worth experimenting with, not to mention great innovation.

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