OpenAI CEO Confesses There’s A Lot That Could Go Wrong With New AI Technology

The world of Generative AI is really reaching new peaks around the globe. And now, we’re hearing more about it from the founders of ChatGPT that managed to revolutionize the world with its tool.

The CEO of OpenAI claimed there are so many different ways through which such innovative forms of AI technology that are rapidly progressing at a fast pace could end up going haywire.

But at the same time, he did go into some detail about how advantages tend to outweigh the disadvantages and the fact that we’re working with some really risky technical means that may be misused in scary ways quickly requires some thought.

Sam Altman really took on these huge concerns regarding the quick spread of AI during a recently held tech conference that took place in San Francisco. Similarly, we saw Altman push for a rise in the regulation of AI in the past, adding how strongly he feels it was required and had the backing of several other experts from the AI world.

He called the recent AI trends a massive technical shift and also mentioned how there were so many areas where this AI may be helpful like the world of health and even education.

It might be a good technique to get rid of poverty but by the looks of it, things might be hard to manage in terms of the huge risks attached.

Today, OpenAI stands at a massive financial figure of $27 billion, and that puts the firm at the head of the field in terms of those backing AI organizations. And that would further mean addressing whether or not it could benefit the organization’s success financially.

To that, Sam Altman claims that he certainly has the right funds in place and even stressed how there was a lot of motivation necessary that wasn’t financially themed. See, such a concept related to adequate funding isn’t simple to have people acknowledge. After all, human nature needs to be useful and it would do wonders for something amazing.

This might be a crucial step that the human race is forced to deal with in terms of technology and he really does care about things such as this. Moreover, discussions surrounding Elon Musk's caring about the world of AI safety are something that needs to be pondered upon.

And since his criticism is arising from some great places, it’s worth a wonder.

When questioned in detail about things like cage matches taking place among tech billionaires such as Meta’s Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Musk, Altman added in a humorous way how he’d be getting front-row tickets to see it all.

All of the products on offer by OpenAI entail the likes of chatbots such as ChatGPT and Dall-E which is an image producer and they both have great audiences. In the same way, we’re seeing them spark a huge frenzy that entails billions of dollars among investors and business owners as they vow to lay down the groundwork for innovative technology.

Photo: Bloomberg
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