New Bipartisan Bill Could Mean TikTok May Still Function In The US

For a while now, we’ve been hearing so much about the top social media app TikTok potentially being banned or sold off after allegations came against it in the US.

The company which is owned by Chinese parent firm ByteDance was under constant threat and scrutiny and was even forced to testify in front of Congress. How’s that for some major shocking news.

TikTok denied all reports that it was sharing data of American users with officials in the Chinese government. But no matter how much it tried to defend itself, more news about its servers being accessed by China arose.

Now, we could be seeing a new fate of the app in America, thanks to the introduction of a new bipartisan law. The latter would control how firms such as TikTok end up sharing American users’ data and also it could address huge security issues related to the app as well.

Such laws that are being led by senators in both the Republican and Democratic parties mean saying hello to a ban on any foreign firm from gaining entry to American data by servers located abroad. This would entail no more data transfers to nations that come under the unfriendly category too.

This appears to be the latest version of such a bill and it had been introduced only recently. Yes, it’s not in law yet but by the looks of it, the conditions surrounding it do seem rather interesting.

Remember, a report by the Wall Street Journal even spoke about how US President Biden’s team and others linked to international investments in the country were demanding owners in China to sell shares on the app so it could function across the nation.

Members of the Congress who grilled the CEO of TikTok in March of this year did not do justice in terms of getting rid of the huge concerns linked to lawmakers. And before we knew it, one American state went forward and had its governor sign a new bill that blocked the platform from carrying out its operations. This is Montana but that decision did not achieve too much appreciation.

People started to advocate against it as they felt it was barring people’s freedom of speech. But another major problem is how ByteDance may be forced by China’s current ruling political party to get access to data belonging to American citizens.

The allegations became even stronger when a former employee of the organization went as far as to reveal that the company had a backdoor that enabled members to gain access to content hosted by servers across America.

This new legislation may assist in addressing the worries that so many people have at this point in time. A lot of data is sensitive and designed not to be shared with others. A license was issued to bar data exports to more nations and at the moment, it’s still getting shared in a free manner with those nations that are referred to as low-risk.

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