Microsoft Windows 11 finally releases the much-anticipated Paint app update

Generation X, Millennials, and even some early Generation Z individuals have fond memories of a particular feature on Windows that holds a special place in their hearts—Paint. When asked about their favorite thing on Windows during their childhood, many readers from Generation X are quick to guess, and their answer is often Paint.

Not surprisingly, this sentiment extends to many kids from Generation Z and even Generation Alpha, who also find joy in this classic software despite the abundance of new technologies and games in the digital realm. Paint has managed to captivate and engage users across generations, creating a sense of nostalgia and timeless appeal.

Recently, Microsoft Windows 11 unveiled yet another much awaited update for its paint app, demonstrating their dedication to ongoing development and appeal maintenance. This update includes a key alteration that people have been anxiously anticipating among the many interesting changes they introduce. It's interesting to note that some users gave in to their impatience and turned to third-party app to access a certain mode.

For participants in the Windows Insider Program, however, the wait is now over as they can now download the most recent version (11.2304.17.0) of the Paint application. Microsoft made this great announcement especially for users of the Dev and Canary channels.

As the Microsoft statement released about the current update: they are adding up support for dark mode in Paint with this release. On the new settings page, you may modify Paint's default behavior of adapting to your preferred system theme.

Moreover on the dark mode, the updated Paint app for Dev and Canary Insiders contains various new features and enhancements for its zoom mode.

However, the traditional settings are still accessible, but you may also use the zoom slider to zoom in and out with finer granularity increments or create a custom zoom number for even more accuracy. Additionally, a new fit to screen option will let you rapidly adjust the zoom to meet your window size.

Additionally, the tech behemoth also made some adjustments to the Paint App's Image Properties dialogues.

Currently, not all Windows 11 users may rejoice because the most recent Paint program upgrade is not yet accessible everywhere. The tech behemoth hasn't specified a timeframe for when this upgrade will be available to everyone.

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