Meta’s Employees May Not Be Working In The Metaverse But They’re Selling The Platform

When we first heard of the metaverse by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the whole idea seemed very surreal. Not a lot of details were provided and even those that were didn’t seem to have people going wow.

It just appeared too good to be true and seeing such an entity exist in the real world had people questioning Zuckerberg’s sanity. But the CEO failed to pay heed and continued with his hard work and investments.

As time passes, we feel the hype of the metaverse continues to dwindle down and now, we’re hearing some very interesting news. Employees of Meta may not be working on the metaverse but they’re more than keen on selling it.

It seems like meetings in-person are very much more in demand. Moreover, the pandemic proved to us that teams would much rather work through videoconferences than anything else.

Hence, when Zuckerberg brought forward the idea of taking on VR, it was not all French. Some people called it out as very reasonable. Then we saw the enterprise be renamed Meta Platforms and it really did wish to bring the metaverse forward as a very unique immersive world where digital technology was at the forefront of it all.

People would meet and greet and do all kinds of things together such as take part in jobs from the comfort of their homes and only wear a VR headset.

Today, Meta is trying hard to sell such visions to its clientele in the corporate world. This includes clients from all over. Then the firm debuted headsets of Quest 3 which Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman experimented with and really adored.

Let’s not forget how Apple’s own ambitious headset is all set to make a mark next week and people are anxiously awaiting that launch too.

But Meta does not appear to be practicing everything that it’s preaching. So many workers throughout the firm are not even using the headsets simply because they do not want to.

Be it meetings in the workplace and more, insiders from the firm say they’re least bothered. And that’s not all. It’s not just the general employees who have an issue but those that are specifically a part of the VR division.

They’re not making use of it on a regular basis for things like work. And the reason is simple. They say it’s full of glitches and very uncomfortable so why bother? Did we mention how the product comes with warnings to take on longer breaks to avoid things like nausea and even some form of discomfort?

But that does not mean sales are stagnant for the headsets. Employees are making sure business does not remain disturbed. They’re getting deals with leading firms like Walmart who are very keen on making a purchase.

So the revenue is coming in but seeing employees showing great disinterest is really worth noticing.

Photo: FB / Zuck
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