LinkedIn Is Trying To Add Generative AI Into The App With An Inbox Featuring An AI Assistant

Microsoft's LinkedIn has long been trying to find the best means to include generative AI into the platform.

Therefore, the app is now conducting trials where it hopes to include an innovative AI assistant in users’ inboxes. Through this means, it hopes the feature could make way for fast answers to queries while engaging in DMs.

As can be seen across various screenshots of the app that were shared by Nima Owji recently, the new AI-powered assistant is going to be up for grabs through dedicated icons and it is to produce a long list of responses.

It’s going to make it simpler to research some major key features while doing other useful tasks like spell checks and gaining feedback on topics that some might deem controversial.

Such additions would really help LinkedIn’s parent firm Microsoft get bigger and expand its AI endeavors as the tech firm searches for more useful ways by which I can create bonds through OpenAI.

This would entail the addition of ChatGPT and its similar tools across each surface imaginable. You can similarly see this include AI-produced summaries of profiles as well as descriptions of your workplace and some prompts for the sake of creating posts. This would really make the whole LinkedIn experience better.

Remember, the platform even included some generative AI texts for the like of job candidates that are seen through such a platform for recruitment.

This might pave the way for the app’s assistant tool that’s found in users’ inboxes and something that was previewed in the year 2016. For no specified reason, the project was aborted and we never saw it come into effect.

This seems to be just the beginning of the company working hard and incorporating more types of generative AI elements into its current system. And we don’t see how something like that could be a bad thing.

Remember, such elements could really be quite valuable for the platform, alongside the other exclusive functions that it provides for users on a daily basis. This entails some information that could be accessed immediately when you’re chatting or carrying out some kind of personal exchange.

But let’s not forget about the mega risk that AI tools bring with them for the app and LinkedIn is well aware of this behavior. Remember, the more AI elements included, the further the platform moves away from the human touch.

Now, generative AI tools would be handling things like content, texts, summaries of users’ profiles, and more.

With time, we do see how that may result in some bots speaking to more bots on the app. But that also means seeing humans from a far distance. But that could mean more chances of engagement on the platform and what could be better for LinkedIn than something like that.

For now, the app seems to be functioning within its limits and there does not appear to be any sort of hint of it going overboard with AI.

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