iOS 17 And macOS Sonoma Are Coming With More Privacy And Protection Features For Safe Web Browsing

iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma are going to include a list of features that go one step ahead in terms of safe web browsing for users.

Apple claims they’re being launched with endeavors that would make the entire web experience so much more private and secure than before.

Common examples of features to look out for include Link Tracking Protection that’s activated through automated means through Mail, Safari, and also on Messages while browsing in the private mode.

Similarly, it ends up detecting tracking parameters across URL links and then goes about removing those.

Meanwhile, the addition of such tracking parameters to URLs seems to be a certain way to force advertisers to keep track of who visits the webpage. So what happens is that no cookies from third parties are saved. Instead, what you get are tracking identifiers that are placed across URL pages.

And that is what circumvents the classic tracking measures which block cookies on certain webpages and other sources which store sessions.

When you are seen navigating around that particular URL, it enables a certain advertiser to read through your URLs and extract relevant details and information while linking it to the backend profiles for the sake of personal ads.

Today, the tech giant and leading iPhone maker Apple claims to be busy removing such behavior that is a part of the entire URL so as to make it less discernible. It also just gets rid of this part and leaves the other parts of the link intact so you can reach the web page that you wish to get.

The entire ordeal seems to be more transparent thanks to navigation through browsers on the private mode of Safari’s web browser experience. This would entail all the links which are clicked upon across Mail as well as Texts.

Apple says it is doing everything in its power to make way for a new way by which advertisers can consider the success of their campaigns. And with private clicks getting measured through ads added on the Safari browser, there’s no reason to worry. For those who are still wondering what the latter is all about, well, it has to do with giving advertisers that chance to track ads that convert into useful and successful metrics. But at the same time, it fails to show the user’s actions.

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