Google Expands Its Workspace Labs With New Features Including Innovative Image Generation

Tech giant Google is working hard in carrying out an expansion of its Workspace Labs.

The leader in search engines says it hopes to introduce a new array of exciting features that can be found on its Docs, Slides, as well as Gmail. And it would also entail an innovative feature of image generation.

The news was put forward last month during the annual I/O conference where the company spoke about launching the whole image generation across Slides that users can produce through customized backgrounds to make their final presentations stand out.

Similarly, there will be a feature called Help Me Visualize in the form of a side panel that would be used to go into a prompt.

Users will have the chance to select styles including photography, backgrounds, pictures, and even clip art if they’d like. Then, the company would be producing around 6 to 8 designs where they can select another option for viewing more.

The Android maker mentioned this week how it’s rolling this out at a slower pace to those that it trusts in the program for Workspace Labs. In addition to that, we saw the firm inform how such endeavors get powered by models specifically designed for the purpose of image generation, and that entails examples like Imagen.

On the other hand, users can use new features on their Gmail accounts where they can attain assistance for writing emails if needed. They’ll also be provided with some great suggestions for adding replies through contextual means so replies are undertaken and so are threads from the past.

Google similarly hopes to include more details for such replies that it would generate through a prompt like this. This would include details like name, dates, and time. While on Google Docs, you might see some smart chip additions to another feature called Help Me so you get reminders of what to include to make things like job applications better.

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