Google Enhances Its Password Manager With The Addition Of Better Security Features

Google has recently enhanced its password manager with a new array of fresh security offerings.

As it is, the project offers authentication through biometrics across both Android as well as iOS. However, now, it’s going to be adding the same to its desktop version too, the company mentioned today.

This provides one more layer of protection when users go about filling in login details through websites, ensuring they remain steadfast and secure at all times. Moreover, you can even include fingerprints as well as facial scans or even other means that are supported for security purposes by the firm’s operating system.

You can compare this to the likes of Apple’s macOS system which includes Keychain. The latter is the name given to a new kind of password manager that is set up through default means. It entails both biometrics across the firm’s Safari browser while also making room for autofill for website sign-ins.

This form of biometric authentication arises just 30 days after the tech giant began launching Passkeys across desktop devices. These are designed to switch classic passwords by enabling users to make use of sign-ins through biometric options like face scans and fingerprints.

While the company gives users the chance to include passwords through direct means, the password manager is now offering the chance for password imports through other applications. This can be done by putting up CSV files that arise from another dedicated password manager.

Meanwhile, webpages and some accounts that need you to get extra data such as customer IDs can now be catered to by enabling it to be saved as a new note.

To add some new notes to such endeavors, you can simply log into Google Chrome’s Settings tab and then click on Autofill. Right after that, you press Password Manager. All passwords that are saved would be featured here and all you need to do is press on this tab to save your new one. After that, just click on Edit under the section written Notes.

The leading Android maker says it has made changes to its tools designed to better password checkups across iPhones. This means all those passwords that it feels are weak in strength or continually reused would be alerted to users if they’re saved across password managers.

In the same way, there’s a new prompt that would appear that’s auto-filled and pops up on iOS when you search into a login page across Chrome.

On the other hand, tech giant Google has put some new points across the picture-in-picture modality for users of Google Meet. In the same way, the firm spoke about Google Drive releasing support for its Windows 8. The same would be true for its 32-bit variant that was launched in the latter part of 2023.

It really does look like the new Password Manager is getting a major revamp and with better security features on offer, what more can users ask for.

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