Google Domains Unexpectedly Announces Shut Down As Squarespace Ready To Take Over Business

A shocking new announcement took center stage today when Google Domains publicly unveiled that it was shutting down all operations.

This has come about after its transition period and as far as who is going to take charge next is concerned, it’s none other than Squarespace. Moreover, the latter just mentioned how it was busy settling terms with the Android maker through a recent agreement.

The complete sale of assets would be included and that would be related to the whole Google Domains enterprise. And we’re talking domains that lay in the 10 million categories and are hosted on the platform that reaches out to millions of clients.

The search engine giant has mentioned for a while now how it was making sure that it had all the right efforts in place to keep its focus sharp and sell the Domains business that it rolled out back in the year 2014. But then last year, we saw it exit the beta modality.

The decision is not wholly surprising. Remember, Google is trying really hard to be more efficient and make the best use of its resources. And it seems to be so much better than putting an end to the service used by millions without any form of the path of guidance.

Clients that support this type of smooth transition in the next few months are what Google is keeping as its priority right now. The new firm taking charge wants to give rise to a more integrated and wholesome journey where buying and moderating domains is done easily while putting out tools that such customers can build to better online engagement.

This service of Google that was on offer included privacy through WHOIS and DNSSEC so as to provide protection at all times from any kind of spoofing attacks.

Similarly, it wanted users to make the most of its fast-paced cloud infrastructure. So now, the real test remains to be whether or not the new firm taking charge can live up to the standards of Google’s services or not. After all, the goal is to get better and not worse with time.

There is yet to be any form of effect across users’ accounts on the Google Domains platform and those worried about what to do next don’t need to break a sweat. But after approval is attained and such transactions shut, they’ll be clients for Squarespace.

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