Google Bard To Provide Users With More Accurate Local Results Depending On Their Device's Specific Location

Google Bard is all set to give users a more wholesome and customized experience, thanks to a new feature.

The famous chatbot would now be giving users the chance to select a specific location depending on where their device is situated. Whenever a user directs a particular question at the chatbot, they can opt to give it a chance to detect their exact location.

Soon, a popup would arrive that states, ‘To get a specific response, simply allow Bard to select your specific destination.

Meanwhile, you could see prompts arise that ask the user to confirm if they’re willing to share location details with the search engine.

If that’s the case, you’ll get more specific results such as direct answers to a restaurant that might be situated to your location and several other places in the area. And that just makes the whole thing so much easier for those in a rush or who are pressed for time.

It’s just rolling out now so in case you don’t exactly see it, don’t worry. A little patience would go a long way here.

Remember, this is big news because the local search can really pave the way for small-scale firms that are trying to provide clients with the best business but tend to get overshadowed by the big names in the industry.

For instance, if you’re in need of a great doctor, good hair stylist, dentist, or perhaps the best ice cream parlor in the city- don’t sweat. Just use this new feature and you’ll be doing the smaller brands a big favor by giving them traffic.

You need to have your Business Profile on Google to have this work, the company adds. So ensure all of your customers are set in this feature and perform your searches ahead of time to witness how it alters from the usual search done via Google.

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