Final Changes Added To Much-Anticipated Online Safety Bill As It Comes Close To Approval

The much anticipated Online Safety Bill in the United Kingdom is coming close to being approved. And now, we’re hearing more about how the UK is making some last-minute changes that would be in users’ best interest.

This entails tools for age verification purposes that would reduce seeing younger audiences pop up frequently online without any form of protection.

It’s a decision that many call as much anticipated for obvious reasons. The country has ended up tightening the rules as it reaches an approval stage. As per a recently published report online by the media outlet Reuters, there are major plans to include more offenses and an increased age limit to ensure the verification of users.

So the likelihood of abusive and explicit content being published online would dramatically fall after such an endeavor.

The effort coming out from the UK is quite similar to how the EU worked and we saw several nations struggling in terms of how they can protect others from harmful ordeals like these, including young kids.

They hope to ensure people’s freedom of speech stays protected at all times too. For now, the bill seems to be at the parliament and that’s where lawmakers may produce changes right before it is passed or they can even reject it completely too.

Apart from all that was mentioned, there will be some leaders who will be seeking accountability for other issues as they’re held responsible for different apps.

The officials dealing with the industry for digital economy add how they’re functioning in a rapid manner and with great urgency to ensure such bills would be a standard to keep children protected at all times from all over the globe.

So many people in charge of the bill stated how there will be zero compromises made in terms of children and that’s why so much careful time, thought, and processing is going into this. Be it going through abuse or looking at content deemed to be harmful online, the lives of youngsters are not going to be put at stake.

But that’s not all. A jail sentence comprising two years would also be up for grabs for anyone taking part in revenge porn and other explicit content. This also entails those trying to share explicit images of others without any consent online.

Ofcom is a regulator of this kind of behavior for so long but now, it’s being detailed further to attain data regarding online activity linked to deceased kids. This would be used as a part of study or research purposes to see whether or not their death was in some way linked to online behavior or not.

Meanwhile, other reports have gone on to mention that Ofcom would also be studying the role of these stores in terms of children’s games and whether or not that led them further to accessing content that was dangerous.

Another report by Bloomberg mentioned how the UK would be rolling out guidance to tech firms on how they can better the platform and limit the risks linked to females and further restrict the spread of disinformation online.

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