Don't Let Your Memories Fade Away - Back Up Your Photos Now

According to a survey conducted by Mixbook, only 35% of Americans regularly back up the photos on their camera roll.

Are your photographs being backed up? If not, you are not alone. A recent survey from Mixbook showed that only 35% of Americans regularly back up the photos on their camera roll, leaving most of them vulnerable to losing their precious memories.

Mixbook's report also revealed just how fleeting some photography is. A recent poll reveals that a whopping 80% of people admitted to saving photos and videos on their phones that haven't been viewed since the day they were taken.

It's never been simpler to keep your priceless memories alive! The development of high-resolution camera phones and user-friendly picture and video editing software has made it easier than ever to capture and create memories.

Nevertheless, even though we have the potential to record every minute of our life, a sizable quantity of media needs to be noticed and appreciated, gathering digital dust on our gadgets.

Mixbook has labeled this "phlushing," a cringe-worthy term for capturing photos and videos to dispose of them into oblivion. Shockingly, recent studies have shown that over half of smartphone users haven't looked at their camera rolls in the last year, despite accumulating an average of 3,139 pictures and videos.

Only a tiny percentage of consumers go back and watch older media, even with the help of cloud storage companies. The vast majority of individuals are unsure of how to organise the voluminous photos and videos on their phones.

Sharing is Caring: 30% of our priceless memories are created with close friends and family and frequently shared with others. In comparison, 17% of them need help on social networking sites. Surprisingly, just 3% of users print their images, meaning priceless moments are only preserved on screens. Keep your pictures from disappearing into the internet by printing them on paper or through an online printing service.

However, the most concerning statistic is that 65% of users must regularly store their media securely, creating a significant risk of losing those precious memories. It's time for us to appreciate our photo and video collections and find suitable ways to store them securely.

Don't take the chance of losing your priceless memories on your phone; back them up right now! Keeping your images safe and secure for a long time is simple with the range of cloud storage and backup choices available, such as Google Images and iCloud.

Take action now to protect your memories, whether they are in selfies or photos from a family vacation. You may ensure that your favorite memories won't be forgotten with only a few clicks.

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