California’s New Journalism Law Causes Meta To Ban All News Content From Its Apps

The state of California ended up considering a new Journalism Act and that means tech giants like Meta would be forced into making payments for all kinds of news content that it shares through its apps.

But if you think Facebook’s parent firm is going to be doing something like that, well, you’re mistaken. The company has claimed to ban all sorts of media and news posts from its platforms and has even gone as far as banning the content as a whole in the state of California.

The new law is designed to fill out loopholes related to the world of digital advertising and that forces Meta to share its money alongside publishers in the state. See, the whole matter is linked to the fact that Meta is making a whole lot of profits thanks to more engagement that has to do with more intriguing news getting published. And as a result of this, you end up gaining more revenue through advertising as apps like Facebook are sharing and discussing content through links.

But Meta continues to argue and claims it hardly gets much of a share or value when compared to publishers on the Facebook app. And no matter what leading media outlets claim, it rubbishes all of those rumors. Hence, to be asked to share money with them is totally out of the question for the firm, it adds.

Meta has been called out, time and time again, in terms of such proposals and how the firm is making the most of publisher content. Therefore, it should be paying if it still wants to make use of it, right?

Another issue that Meta has is linked to the simple fact that data proves how total views through posts in the US have gone down by 50% in the past two years. These figures prove how the Facebook app is turning into a platform that shouldn’t be relied upon with time.

The news is not stopping other leading market players in the industry from calling for reforms and using power over parties so they could get more funds. Remember, their income continues to dry, and that entails shifts in things like consumption.

This has really caused a huge benefit for various other apps and platforms including both Meta as well as Google. They’ve not only consumed huge shares in the market but managed to eradicate competition too.

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