Apple’s Reality Pro Headset Comes With Warnings For Those With Medical Conditions

The tech world is sitting at the end of its seats and waiting for iPhone maker Apple to go public with its Reality Pro Headset. After all, we’ve been anticipating it for far too long now.

But recently, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has unraveled some very interesting new pieces of information linked to it. He says the Cupertino firm is going to launch the product with a series of health warnings for those suffering from medical conditions.

So what does that mean? The Quest headset is not safe for all to use? We dug down deeper to figure out what the matter was all about.

Remember, Apple has never been shy about revealing how strongly it takes its users’ health. You’ll find its best-selling iPhones come with plenty of warnings too. And it could be used to provide distractions that many deem to be so deadly such as great discomfort and even harm if the device stays on hot surfaces for far too long.

The same would be the case when you end up interfering with the medical product and especially true when there are pacemakers and even defibrillators involved.

If someone seems to be suffering from some sort of medical ailment or does end up experiencing symptoms that you think might get affected by using the smartphone from Apple or things that people feel sensitive to like flashing lights, the firm wants users to go to the doctor immediately and it’s best to do that before using the device.

People with headaches or those suffering from seizures are most prone to such behavior.

Remember, this was for iPhones. The same cannot be said for devices coming under the mixed reality category. So now, we’re diving down deep into the likes of its Quest 2 product and what policies surround that.

The hardware of this headset entails some major warnings for those with specific medical conditions.

They want people to consult with the physician before utilizing such headsets and if you’re pregnant and old, or happen to have visual issues and mental disorders, another warning comes into place right there. Did we mention how there’s a clear warning for those with heart conditions and any other serious illness too as Meta strictly advises precaution in this respect?

This headset has warnings for those with seizures and blackouts as well as people having muscle twitching disorders too. They get worse due to light flashes and may arise while someone is watching television or going through any other VR experience. You’ll find it takes place commonly in both kids and younger individuals.

On the other hand, the company is seen speaking about other generalized conditions such as extreme exhaustion, tiredness, lack of sleep, and also being hung over due to alcohol consumption. Moreover, those with digestive issues and being under the influence of stress can also take a toll on your body when you use the headset.

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