Apple Snubbed By Supreme Court Regarding Caltech Wi-Fi Patent Case As Billion Dollar Verdict Looms

It appears like tech giant Apple is not yet off the hook in terms of a billion-dollar verdict regarding a Caltech Wi-Fi patents case.

The battle comprising of a decade would see the tech giant be on the hook again as the decision worth a billion dollars loom.

It was decided this Monday by the Supreme Court’s judges that they would be chosen not to deal with any appeal by both Apple as well as Broadcom regarding some sort of court ruling. This would prevent the firms from going against Wi-Fi patents from California.

The American Court of Appeals made a ruling against any argument from the firms to claim that such patents weren’t even valid, to begin with. And that was restricted to failures in raising those at one hearing taking place in the past.

Both Apple and Broadcom were seen arguing how they would be raising challenges during such an incident but taking into consideration the action of the Supreme Court, the ruling for such an appeal did stand.

But what does this mean for Apple and Broadcom? Well, they’re going to be affected greatly depending on the decision by the US Appeals Court to toss out any verdicts from the past in terms of damages. And while the latter did end up getting removed, the ruling for infringement was still in place.

Therefore, the new trial setup would end up reconsidering figures sent out to Caltech.

Under a new trial dated 2020, both tech giants would be liable to a figure for damages that ends up being nearly $1 billion.

At the start of this year, the Supreme Court ended up making a wild decision regarding this. We saw how the solicitor added that there was no requirement for any reviews on this particular subject. And how the leading iPhone maker ended up taking complete advantage of such a review process entailing several motions.

The entire legal action process began by Caltech in the year 2016. It claimed that four patents were busy encoding and decoding the technology that happened to be infringed. As far as Apple’s devices are concerned, such IPs provided support to so many wireless connections.

The tech giant really insisted a lot on how it was making use of the commonly supplied Wi-Fi chips through companies like Broadcom. And the fact that it wasn’t producing technology that infringed upon patents, it was merely being so indirect. But such a proceeding did end up failing in the trial that arose three years back.

Tech giant Apple was bashed with fines worth $838 million while Broadcom received fines worth $270 million. Hence, both tech companies opted to appeal against such a decision. They started to argue about how so many legal mistakes were present.

On the other hand, the second trial saw both these companies succeed in having their respective damages thrown out of the window. However, the ruling related to patent infringements still stands.


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