AI Technology Is Being Used To Produce And Sell Life-Like Child Abuse Material, New Alarming Report Confirms

A shocking new report is unraveling the dark truth of AI technology.

The report by the leading media outlet BBC says that AI technology is now being mishandled by pedophiles who use it to produce content featuring child abuse that looks as real as ever.

So many people are getting access to the pictures by releasing a fixed amount so they can subscribe to the mortifying offer and achieve control over accounts for various mainstream websites.

Now, top webpages such as Patreon are being accused of the ordeal, despite outlining a shocking policy featuring zero tolerance regarding such pictures across websites.

The head of Patreon was shocked to hear the news and says that such happenings are totally outrageous and stricter measures need to be adopted to stop this from taking place. So many companies were making huge sums of profits but they just were not adopting any form of a moral responsibility.

Meanwhile, intelligence agencies owned by the government are now responding to the matter by claiming child abuse of this kind cannot be taken so lightly. Therefore, regulators need to curb such incidents from taking place and keep a strict check on modern technology as AI-produced content of this kind poses a huge threat to mankind.

The report further detailed how the makers of such abusive pictures were making use of AI software like Stable Diffusion which was designed to make pictures for use in the revolutionary world of graphic design.

For those wondering how the software is able to carry out such an act, well, it’s actually quite interesting. We’re talking about the use of word prompts to design an image of one’s choice. Sadly, in this case, it has to do with explicit content featuring babies and even toddlers. And it’s just so tragic and heartbreaking to learn how police teams across the United Kingdom have already stumbled upon the content of this nature.

The news comes to us thanks to one researcher who works on a freelance basis. She stumbled across the horrifying findings and went to BBC immediately to discuss the matter through links with a charity for children.

Ever since such AI-related pictures were unveiled, there’s been a shocking growing trend in such themes across the board. And it’s not just females that they’re after but babies as well as toddlers too.

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