Adobe Illustrator Gets Exciting New Generative Recolor Feature For Its Firefly AI

Adobe is doing whatever it takes to make its Firefly AI endeavor stand out against all others.

The latest launch of its Generative Recolor feature for the Firefly AI would give people the chance to experiment with all kinds of hues through text prompts.

For now, the offer is still in its beta stage but we don’t see why it won’t be loved by the masses, very soon. Moreover, the firm announced how this new venture is designed to add simplicity while taking creative boundaries to new limits.

As far as how this works, users would be given the chance to add a hue and even recolor various forms of their art through prompts. In the same way, it would give users the chance to edit and make the most of hues that fulfill all of their requirements.

In the past, all that the user needed to do was add color through manual means. In the same way, it would be required to make edits in a very painstaking manner as it took up a lot of effort as well as time.

Now, this new feature allows users to type prompts and switch hues in a second. And that is what is needed to alter the entire project’s feelings by giving rise to various trends and moods.

In this particular blog, we’re hearing more about how Adobe would be giving so many artists the chance to take old work and replace it in a manner that makes it appear brand new. It would entail all kinds of styles and some major changes through a simple click of a button.

Some examples worth a mention entail packaging for products and even marketing supplies that needed to be revamped with unique color profiles. We think this is a great addition to the platform and one that could be of great benefit for personal and even commercial behavior.

Getting such features is very thrilling as you’re dealing with the world of AI. The firm added some major improvements in several other places on the platform and this new feature is given the name Retype.

This would give users the chance to identify a font through a picture and choose something similar from their Fonts library. Moreover, this platform is going to make it so much simpler to transform such images into a type of vector art that entails adjustments for the Image Trace offering.

Overall, you’re saying hello to a new and revamped panel with so many options to even ignore a particular hue. Similarly, you’re going to be given the chance to see color modes and even make use of auto-detection for beginning the best job out there.

And just in case you thought that was amazing, there’s a new layer panel being incorporated where users can look for text, effects, and some more exciting additions. Hence, you can find edits and other changes inside a project.

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