WhatsApp Rolls Out Exciting New Features Including Chat Lock, Group Calling, And Redesigned Message Menus

WhatsApp is all set to make its users happy after announcing a range of new and useful features

One of the world’s most popular texting applications is now adding a feature called Chat Lock. This is created to provide a new security layer so that those that wish to protect their most private or intimate chats can now do so by availing of the endeavor.

It’s a rollout that many people would be more than happy to use because let’s face it, no one wants others to leak or read their hidden treasures that are stored across their device. And this new feature manages to protect against just that.

As you can probably estimate from the name, this feature enables users to lock chats by removing the thread from the users above and adding that into a new folder which would be accessed using the user’s password or fingerprint.

But remember, after a chat is locked, the platform would disguise the contents of this chat in the section for notifications. And you can lock that by clicking on the name of a certain group and then going on to click the option set out for the lock. In case you wish to reveal the chat, simply pull down on an inbox and add the choice of verification like biometric or password to avail again.

As you can already imagine, people are going to love this feature, especially those who end up sharing devices with loved ones or a moment when another person holds the device at the point in time when some special chat comes through.

But wait, this is just the start as the firm announced how it would soon be adding some more add-ons to this new Chat Lock feature, and that entails a lock for affiliated devices and producing custom passwords for chats so that unique passwords may be used that’s different from the one used for a device.

While you might assume that the platform makes use of E2E encryption services, this type of feature would not be applicable when a person ends up unlocking access to the device and may see the messages. Such a feature gives more protection and security in such circumstances.

The news of this new chat lock feature comes at a time when we saw the platform include several new updates related to polls and then shared those on the app. Hence, as a part of such changes, users can make their own polls that are based on a single vote where people are allowed to cast their vote only once.

Meanwhile, as far as sharing is concerned, media with captions is another feature that’s enabled on the app.

Additionally, as per WBI the app is rolling out another great feature for Windows OS that allows users to keep their messages and prevent them from disappearing. This is all possible thanks to the arrival of a brand new message menu that’s redesigned.

All users need to do is avail of this feature by clicking on the tab that says ‘keep this message’ and that would stop it from disappearing. The company says this feature is launching at a gradual pace so you can expect that to come soon to your device as well.

Last but not least, the platform is making way for a feature called group calling. You may have seen how your menu failed to provide the call button for groups that were either missing or not even working. But now, it’s up for grabs for all beta testers and would be rolled out to the rest soon so stay tuned.

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