Twitter Doesn’t Want The World To Know Who Paid For Blue Ticks As App Hides Its Blue Service Members Status

Twitter is not keen on letting the world know who really paid for their blue check marks. And based on the orders of tech billionaire Elon Musk, the app is hiding those who opted to venture into its Twitter Blue Service.

The new series of notes was spotted by the account of Dexerto during the later hours of Tuesday. This note simply mentioned, ‘This account is verified’.

The previous message stated how accounts had been subscribed to Twitter Blue and they verified phone numbers as well.

Now, Twitter Blue is looking forward to new ways to capture people’s attention as the original plan of Twitter to get more members on board just failed. It’s not a surprise that the rollout did not go as planned and many users carried on poking fun at Elon Musk’s plans.

Many people insulted the Twitter chief for the decisions that have been all over the place, calling it a poorly planned decision. When Elon Musk got rid of this verification for accounts that failed to subscribe in the past month, he was ridiculed for not treating everyone fairly.

He got back celebrity accounts that had a huge following base including NBA superstar LeBron James and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. And that’s even if those people were not paying a penny to the firm.

Then we saw the social media platform apply for blue ticks for accounts that were held by popular people that no longer exist in this world. The justification provided was that these people were Twitter Blue subscribers, despite being dead.

So many famous celebs including Michael Jackson and Anthony Bourdain were a part of this list that many called bizarre for reasons and the label posthumous checks.

In no time, it would not be wrong to mention how the blue tick lost its charm in such a short span of time. Many people in power even opted to create a huge distance between themselves and Elon Musk as they pushed right ahead of Twitter’s subscriptions.

Some leading names in the industry including Lili Reinhard and Stephen King were very clear that they were not paying the billionaire anything. And despite those claims, they’re still verified today.

We later saw the world’s second richest person mention how he was still paying for a few celebrity subscriptions, despite many of them calling it an unwanted service.

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