Twitter Continues To Suffer Loss At The Hands Of Top Companies As WordPress Drops The App Due To High API Pricing

WordPress is saying farewell to Twitter, making it the latest firm to cut out the app. And it’s linked to tech billionaire Elon Musk’s decision to set out more high costing API plans for subscriptions.

The company says it’s just no longer interested. Furthermore, the decision by Musk to get rid of free API endeavors of organizations was never welcomed, to begin with. And it feels like now the move is taking a toll in a negative manner as many platforms are saying goodbye, with WordPress just following in the footsteps of others.

In place of free APIs, Twitter has opted to set out a new venture that is so expensive in terms of pricing. It’s known as the Enterprise Subscription tiers that begin at a whopping $42,000. The news comes as WordPress mentioned through one of its latest public statements how it would be getting rid of the app from its JetPack. For those who may not be aware, this is the name given to the company’s official plugin that is run by them and their parent firm called Automattic.

JetPack provides a range of offerings for its users including the chance to share content automatically through direct means by links to social media apps from the website of WordPress.

But now, that’s not happening as they just announced the end of the auto-sharing endeavor. So it’s simply understood that Twitter getting rid of JetPack thanks to the massive hike in prices.

The app says its decision to end free APIs was made after Elon Musk’s consultation with executives and they all suddenly felt the urge of increasing the price for APIs by such a huge amount. But companies are not buying this news and that’s why they did try to work by the app’s side in good faith to set out new terms and conditions but they’re still unable to reach a final agreement. And that’s why WordPress is moving on with other options that are more user-friendly and cheap in cost.

All website owners have been informed that their content linked to the website won’t be going on Twitter any longer after they took this decision. But remember, the firm has made it very clear that this news would be affecting Twitter only. Other features of Jetpack like shares to top leading apps like Facebook and Tumblr, and LinkedIn will continue as per the usual functioning of the platform as no changes have been made on that front.

In other news, they also mentioned how they did hope to soon include Instagram as a part of their social sharing plugins so users would soon be able to benefit from their website content reaching another leading social media app by Meta in the near future.

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