TikTok Prompts Users To Include A Location And Share Experiences In The App To Enhance Business Potential

Popular social media app TikTok is on the verge of enhancing its potential in the business world by motivating users to include a location. Similarly, they want them to share their relevant experiences through various stores on the app.

The news comes after one social media user shared a screengrab to prove how the platform is luring such users by ensuring them greater reach for clips in cases when they do just that.

In cases when a location they include happens to be an enterprise, the app would similarly be adding new in-platform prompts so users can include a review too.

This might be another new step taken in the hopes of creating greater discovery potential while Google notes how 40% of the younger lot are making use of both of these apps to look for cafes as compared to Search in places like Google. Clearly, it’s a huge chance for the app to really build up its potential in the business world, when and if this succeeds.

It’s quite clear how the Chinese variant of the platform called Douyin is now getting fame as a leading search engine for places like cafes as well as other places of great interest.

Moreover, since a lot of the Chinese app’s videos get tagged through locations, they’re clearly more categorical into places like cafes, hotels, shopping, tourist spots, and entertainment places. In the same way, businesses can now attract more clients by providing support for Douyin through facts like basic data and coupons and even support for a waitlist too.

As mentioned in the final sentence, this might open a huge range of new business opportunities on the platform and it now appears that the app would be willing to copy all of this and create some great tools for exploring as it turns into a huge consideration for businesses with time.
Considering the current talks about a possible ban of the app across America, it might end up being a major sell-off at this point in time. As you know, the app is really making way for the future and has some great hopes that in cases when the ban does not pull through, it would convert the app into an entire search engine for more business potential. And in the end, we’re seeing the likelihood of turning this into a more critical platform for a younger base of individuals.

Meanwhile, experts predict how a long list of firms such as cafes and nightclubs might be an integral part of this shift as the app tries to make more tools and include more prompts that urge people to involve a greater amount of data that’s contextual.

Clearly, it’s quite obvious that this app is taking the next stage where storefront firms might need to consider creating a bigger brand presence to create bigger and better opportunities. For now, it’s not at par with Android maker Google but with time, we do see this as a promising source of potential that might become a huge focus for tomorrow.

H/T: Ahmed Ghanem

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