TikTok May Face A Ban In The US But New Stats Reveal The Massive Popularity Of Chinese Apps In The Country

For quite some time now, we’ve seen TikTok and its parent firm ByteDance be under the spotlight of certain American lawmakers. They’ve been scrutinized by so many intelligence personnel who for so long have accused it of spying on American citizens and reporting it back to Chinese officials.

We saw that emerge in full effect after the company’s CEO was forced to come to Washington DC and testify in front of the US Congress in the month of March this year.

TikTok has been under scrutiny for so long but you’ll be amazed that it did not affect its popularity in the country as well as the popularity of other similar Chinese-owned apps in the country that continue to get the same amount of fame.

There are more and more concerns related to such applications and how it’s presenting a new major challenge as lawmakers fear for the nation’s security. Nobody wants to give a superpower and fellow archrival nation like China the liberty to gain access to huge amounts of business information if it’s claiming to be for the sake of the country’s security situation.

The biggest worry at this moment in time is related to giving more access and watching them extract more data from Americans through the likes of email IDs and even their respective driver’s licenses.

But if you think that’s enough to sway consumers, it’s not the case as the popularity of apps owned by China keeps on increasing as we speak. One popular example is linked to a shopping platform that goes by the name of Temu.

Believe it or not, despite being under the ownership of China, it’s shown at position number two across the Apple App Store, clearly depicting how popular it has been in the country in terms of free applications.

Last year, we saw it holding down spot number 12 on the App Store during the holiday crunch season and it beat out other leading stores such as Kohl’s and even Nordstrom.

Today, ByteDance’s own applications such as CapCut and even TikTok are holding the leading positions of fourth and fifth on the list in terms of the rankings seen on the App Store. Meanwhile, the country’s leading fashion brand Shein is at position number 14.

And then between the months of March and April, we saw ByteDance witness a staggering one million installations across America as reported by Insider Intelligence, thanks to stats from Apptopia.

The platforms definitely have some major features in common that continue to make the American government confused and worried. They want to make sure the apps are being looked at with greater scrutiny and surveillance.

Similar to how TikTok works, it’s believed such apps also go about collecting data and work toward analyzing trends so as to better their positioning in the American market. They’re also using algorithms so they can target customers more effectively through various kinds of data and products which is likely to ensure their engagement with the service.

Experts in the US were being criticized for doing little in terms of keeping a check on such platforms and paying little to no attention to them. But in their defense, they went on to mention how such apps were very different to how TikTok functions and that’s why they’re not being scrutinized as much. And that’s especially true as the magnitude of its presence is nowhere near to what TikTok offers.

Today, TikTok has an overwhelming majority of American viewership that goes as far as 150 million per month.


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