OpenAI’s CEO Will Use Innovative Iris-Scanning Technology For His New Global Cryptocurrency

Sam Altman is shedding light on some exciting plans regarding his use of groundbreaking iris-scan technology.

The billionaire was quick to reveal how he would be using this form of verification for his crypto project of Worldcoin. He added how there were plenty of plans in terms of going mainstream with the technology and while it’s going to be a major online challenge, he’s so ready to take it on.

Altman co-founded the famous Worldcoin in the year 2019 and since then, he’s been on the mission to build the world’s biggest identity and financial network.

Today, he is keen on being close to securing some $100 million in funds to start up his next endeavor. This would entail scanning users’ eyes to give them access for free to the new venture.

Some people have already put out some major concerns regarding issues related to privacy and ethics that may pop up sometime soon. We’re not sure if this is going to be a major nightmare or not but one thing is for sure, people don’t want a repeat of the scenario that came with chatbots.

For those still curious about what exactly is Worldcoin, well, it is another name for crypto that is designed to make universal access for the world’s economy so that it welcomes and ensures benefits for all around the globe.

Clearly, this mission is not easy by any means. But the question is how the founders of this app plan on doing everything in such a short span of time.

Sources revealed how the main point worth pondering upon is how the endeavor makes use of software that entails biometrics through the eyes so that a person’s unique identity gets established.

After receiving the verification, they may produce IDs that are linked to the Digital World and it would start to attain Crypto Tokens.
The firm says that this World ID was rolled out in the past week and that combined with the World App may be utilized in a pseudonymously manner that entails a long list of apps without the real identity of the user coming into focus.

You can see this type of technology as a very personalized protocol and it’s designed to tackle some huge issues linked to the massive development of tools that get powered by AI. It’s going to differentiate between real individuals and bots and help people believe how it might help provide some basic sources of income to people affected by such cuts in jobs due to AI.

We know for a fact that the sounds of this are not very thrilling for so many individuals. Plenty of whistleblowers exist who continue to show concerns about the practice during the start of 2021. During such a period of time, they raised the concern linked to how people’s data was getting stored and that was not alright for obvious reasons.

But the firm vows it’s all very safe for use and there’s nothing to worry about.

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