Microsoft’s Recent Update Introduces New Bug That Is Only Removed After Setting The Edge Browser As Default

Microsoft’s most recent update is spelling trouble for many Chrome browser users.

The update is allowing a new bug to come forward that takes complete advantage of the nifty tool that turns Chrome’s browser into your default, without the need to go to settings again. But that is no longer the case as the bug goes away when and if the user switches the default settings to Microsoft Edge again.

It is as daunting and bizarre as it sounds, and now, it’s causing a lot of trouble for business users as per a recently published report by Gizmodo is concerned.

Since the start of July 2022, Google Chrome came up with a new function that allowers users to alter their default browsers using a simple click. This was seen on the top of your window and was even witnessed across the settings of a browser’s menu.

Enterprise clients say they’ve been having a rough time in terms of the Windows Default settings now popping up each time the users make use of Chrome. And that makes the user forcefully shut it on the settings page.

Many users are tired and equally frustrated and they want it to stop. Others stated how they’ve tried all the tricks of the business but had no luck and now that it’s happening across a staggering 600 different systems, it’s definitely worrying.

Meanwhile, another user spoke about how a simple click of a link’s shortcut would be enough for triggering issues. But what’s interesting is how it does not happen when the user opts to change their choice of browser from Chrome to Edge and that’s when everything works just fine.

This new update is not giving out a lot of information in terms of real details regarding what is getting fixed. Such an update even discusses some major security matters linked to the operating system of Windows.

But it’s proven how the error is not only linked to enterprise users as many others are most intensely impacted by such bugs.

Other findings showed how users of Windows 10 and Windows 11 were also getting impacted by this update that arose in the month of April. But we have to say that the impact is actually more annoying than it is frustrating.

For regular clients, this update appears to have put off Google Chrome’s ability to make it reign supreme in the browsing world. You can try to alter it and make Chrome your default but it won’t work. You really need to navigate down below on the list and click on Chrome, and then press the top click button that mentions Set Default.

Some experts feel that this might be Microsoft’s way of putting its competitor off. Remember, Chrome holds the major share of the market today so the bug may have helped the firm crack the code to make its Edge browser a default. But there has to be more to the story as that is a little absurd, don’t you think?

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