Microsoft Plans To Offer Privacy-Focused Versions Of ChatGPT To Leading Businesses

Software giant Microsoft says it has full plans to set out a new privacy-focused variant for the ever-so-trending ChatGPT tool.

This would be available for those institutions expressing concerns about data leaks and issues linked to regulatory compliance as per a recent report from The Information. Common enterprises that might be interested include healthcare-providing firms, banks, and other large-scale institutions.

The product may be outlined as early as the end of this quarter and it would be running ChatGPT across more dedicated servers that separate from those utilized by other firms or people using such a variant of ChatGPT that the company is adding into its Edge browser and other Windows products.

The main benefit is keeping sensitive data away from training purposes of these ChatGPT language models. Similarly, it can limit the number of unexpected data-leaking episodes arising. Remember, you certainly don’t want the model to reveal one company’s road up to another fellow arch-rival in the industry, solely because they both use the same tool.

But the only catch here is how such isolated versions of the ChatGPT might cost a little more to run and utilize. Moreover, the report claims that there are some private instances that may cost nearly 10 times as much when people pay to use the regular variant. So yes, pricing is going to be steep so we must warn you beforehand.

OpenAI is reportedly planning a new product that is all set to come out in the next few months. Moreover, such a subscription means input will not get fed into the model by the firm’s own clients and workers via a default action.

See, the huge difference here is linked to the fact that the offer by Microsoft would make use of the firm’s Azure platform at its backend instead of competing rivals like Amazon’s Web Services.

Microsoft would be having full rights to resell the products owned by OpenAI under its multi-billion dollar agreement, thanks to its massive investment in the firm.

And that in turn would allow both firms to compete for the same target audience too.

A report by Bloomberg mentioned how Samsung has restricted its workforce from making use of AI tools like ChatGPT after a major data leak occurred. So as you can see, the concerns are plenty regarding connections that are not private or secure. And that’s exactly where such a product would be so useful.

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