Microsoft Announces An Array Of New And Exciting Features For Its Bing Chat And Here’s What To Expect

This past month, computational giant Microsoft made it clear how it was going to put out an array of new and exciting endeavors linked to its Bing Chat. This was in honor of the rollout of Bing Chat that came about 100 days back.

Some of these offers were already seen going live but now, we’re seeing some more getting launched today.

These new offers that were covered in the past included picture responses having knowledge cards as well as more brief or summarized responses.

Remember, Bing Chat no longer has any waitlist so that’s another exciting point that users are loving coming from Microsoft at the start of this month. The company mentioned how it was going to open up the product to the masses that utilize Microsoft Edge.

But the question is which features are going live right now? And as per the company’s recent response on this, we’ve summarized the key points for you below.

For starters, users will need to click on clock icons that are seen at the very top of present chats. This is to witness a long list of activities taking place recently. Moreover, such chats can be saved for at least three months and even more, if you want. And the best bit is that it’s already live right now on smartphones and will be doing the same across desktops in a week’s time.

Next up, there’s a new mobile widget known as the Bing Chat widget. This is put on your phone’s home screen, no matter whether you’re an iOS user or an Android user. You can now simply click on the icon and press the microphone to voice your question to the chatbot in seconds.

Meanwhile, chats across such apps take place when you begin a conversation on the Bing through Desktop but now, they’re allowing you to continue with that same chat, even when you’re using a phone.

Simply click on the QR code and scan that to display it across your mobile phone device.

Furthermore, users can now expect to get greater support for Multilingual features as the new Bing Chat is extending across nations and that means saying hello to all sorts of languages to gather input. It has similarly enhanced the quality of chats that are no longer conducted in the English tone or shall we say provided support for foreign chats. So now, users can select from a wide array of voices and languages that are tailored to one’s needs.

Meanwhile, another leading feature is getting launched and it’s the SwiftKey that is finally attaining support from AI technology. Users can make use of it for search and even for chat across Bing, thanks to the popular mobile platforms and changes in tone observed.

Users can reframe messages before sending them out, the company recently added. Other great features include more translations and better ones too. Simply press on the icon of Bing that can be seen on top of the keyboard. This would be up for grabs to all the users on iOS as well as Android in the next 14 days.

Last, but not least, there is a new Edge update too. The company says it is enhancing the chatbot for users of Microsoft Edge where they can ask queries about a certain page they happened to be visiting. They may even allow for summaries.

Similarly, the new chatbot enables users to make the most of text options through the selection of some text seen directly on their mobile.

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