Google Wants Users To Take Care Of Their Mental Health So It’s Launching More Tools For Wellness

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and over the past few years, Google has really been appreciated for making a great effort to ensure users track their lifestyles and routines.

The company revealed how the key to enjoying wellness and good health isn’t always linked to physical well-being but mental too. Moreover, the search engine giant says it wants to put out some more tools that are easy to access and can attend to those struggling to stay on par with their mental health.

It also feels this can serve as an adjunct for those suffering or struggling silence with their mental health as well as it’s a resource that’s up for grabs at a crucial moment in time.

As it is, the search engine giant has mentioned how this is not the first venture of its kind. It likes to take up such issues as major priorities and that is exactly why it already has plenty of hotlines active, despite it not being perfect. This includes experts ready and willing to assist those in need.

This way, people would be able to search for more videos on apps like YouTube. But the firm feels it now wants to take things to the next level by establishing partnerships with various other companies so this maintains the operations on a daily basis.

Some of this includes donations for Child Mind Institutes and other similar endeavors including tools that give old age citizens the help they require and when they require it.

Remember, being aware of mental health during the younger years may be very hard to maintain and control because you’re exposed to so much at a young age. Google knows that and hopes to take more measures designed to prevent various types of harmful content from reaching younger audience members.

Therefore, it will not be putting limitations on videos that are age-restricting such as those having to with recovering from bulimia or anorexia and others showcasing binge eating, among others.

Moreover, the search engine giant’s clear focus now seems to be more on mental wellness and that is extending into the world of Search and more, it adds. In the same way, it’s going to be really mindful of searches on sensitive subjects like self-harm and death, offering aid in the form of a text prompt that can be forwarded to others to let them know you’re not alright.

It hopes to reduce the stigma linked to asking for help too.

So as you can imagine, the company is really doing a lot and has done a lot in the past as well. It’s clear that such tools are being welcomed with open arms to try and better users’ mental state and the weird phenomenon that one shouldn’t ask for help when mentally exhausted.

Another great feature that we saw coming forward in the past from Google was removing beauty filters as an act of default on its devices as it felt they were working against a person’s mental well-being.

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