Google Excites App Developers With The Launch Of New AI Features For The Play Store

The Google Play Store is getting revamped thanks to the tech giant offering a series of new AI features that are designed to optimize apps.

The news is getting viral and causing excitement among developers, ever since it was made public at yesterday’s I/O conference. This is where the company shed light on a series of new ways that developers could make use of AI technology to optimize all Android apps.

Similarly, that news came along with a long list of other tools that were designed to enhance the app’s audience through means like promotions and automatic translations.

These AI updates are just another way to ensure Google is working hard to add AI technology to its products. We’ve seen it happen for its apps and products and even tools for code writing. Therefore, it was bound to be introduced with a bang into the Google Play Store right?

They are also now setting the stage for AI use in regard to app publishing and marketing, and that just leaves a lot of people wondering if Apple would be adding some more tools at this year’s WWDC conference by June or not.

Let’s take a look at the AI updates to be introduced. One of those is linked to a Generative AI offering that assists developers in drafting listings across the Play Store. It makes use of Google’s leading language model called PaLM 2. And while it might only be up for grabs in English as a trial for now, it would be used to produce new drafts after developers add several prompts.

Moreover, such a tool can lay out listings and even align the app’s descriptions in a categorical manner which could be edited, used, and discarded. For instance, it might ask a user for app descriptions depending on the platform’s main audience of its respective theme.

On the other side of things, such capabilities may even assist developers in designing descriptions if they’re having a hard time articulating the features set out in an appealing manner. Similarly, it just might make more room for spam on the platform. And that’s because it would simplify the job of performing manual labor through app listings.

A lot of users are making use of Generative AI as well. Another such AI feature is dubbed Review Summaries for users. And it’s created to put together and synthesize the comments of users regarding the app of the developer through comments seen from the reviews that people leave out. For now, it’s only in English but with time, there would be an expansion to other languages as well.

Google similarly hopes to provide more access to developers toward another tool that functions as a machine translator. It is used for translating the app from the developer and the listings seen across the Play Store in a short span of time to a new language.

A total of ten languages were selected from Google Translate and that would be up for grabs toward the date of the company’s Play Console launch. So you can expect it to translate the app and its respective store listings in just a few minutes.

Clearly, the features powered by AI technology are definitely going to get a lot of attention but Google says it also hopes to launch new updates at the Play Store and across developer tools for the growth of their businesses.

This includes allowing them to design a minimum of 50 customized store listings. This would be better targeted at those that are less active on the app so as to provide them with incentives to get them back on track and allow the platform to give them another chance to fall in love.

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