Google Conducts Trials of Handy Product Features And Hyperlinks in Web Search

Google is currently in the midst of evaluating a refreshed user interface for online purchasing and product outcomes in search results. In this trial, users have the opportunity to encounter "Explore Website" and "Inspect Details" links, as well as a dynamic extended interface showcasing comprehensive pricing details.

The discovery of these tests is attributed to the keen-eyed observer Punit, who shared some glimpses of this test on his Twitter profile.

The visual report entails the presence of these elements, and upon clicking the search results, a direct shift occurs to the side panel, followed by seamless redirection to the seller site. Another observed deviation, as demonstrated by Punit, maintains the user's engagement within the Google ecosystem, while still providing access to relevant information.

Moreover, Punit's discerning also detected the integration of extended pricing elements within this latest overlay interface. This feature resembles an earlier version we encountered a few months ago but is now presented in a more refined manner. The extended pricing elements offer users a more comprehensive overview of pricing information, enhancing their decision-making process.

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